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5 Technologies Helping Brokerages Crush Client Communication

It seems as though every day there is a new way to communicate, whether it be a new social media platform or a new app that connects people. Brokerages are picking up these new technologies to help them crush client communication and help improve the relationships they have with their clients. It’s important in an industry that is built on relationships, to make sure that brokerages stay connected and in sync with both prospects and clients.

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3 Reasons Reporting Analytics Are Imperative for Brokerages

Real estate is a numbers game and because of this, it is imperative for brokerages to have the data they need to determine where their brokerage is succeeding and in what areas they can improve. BrokerSumo offers back-end support and analytics at a brokerage level, so that firms can see firsthand what is affecting their bottom line.

Here are three reasons reporting analytics are imperative for brokerages. Continue reading

5 Residential Real Estate Brokerages Tearing Up Twitter

If you haven’t made Twitter part of your daily routine, now you have a reason to. It’s filled with meaningful information from some of the brightest minds in the real estate industry. If you’re looking for insights in the industry, sometimes mixed with a little bit of humor and everyday life, follow these brokerages on Twitter.  Continue reading

4 Brokerage Marketing Tools that Help Agents Succeed

For many real estate agents, marketing is one of the toughest aspects of the job. It doesn’t only require a considerable amount of time and consideration to be successful – it also requires a significant amount of market research and a good understanding of trends in the industry.

One of the biggest struggles that solo agents face is being able to find the time to put together a strong marketing campaign while also tending to their other obligations.

For this reason, many turn to brokerages for guidance with piecing together a strong marketing strategy. Here are some of the groundbreaking marketing tricks that solo agents can learn from brokerages:

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5 Brokerage Management Tips to Drive Efficiency and Engagement

Real estate is a challenging and demanding field that requires efficiency, organizational skills, and the ability to connect with people on a personal level. Due to the competitive and challenging nature of the field, real estate brokers are expected be at peak performance at all times to ensure that every meeting and transactions run as smoothly as possible.

Creating this type of work ethic starts at the top. Managers and team leaders are expected to lead by example and let their actions demonstrate how the office should be run. Here are 5 management tips that will help you build a top-performing team. Continue reading

3 Tips to Leverage Your Brokerage’s Data and Build a Better Team

If you’ve been working in real estate for some time now, you’ve heard the term “data-driven” at some point. Arguably one of the most popular buzzwords in the industry for the past couple of years, taking the data-driven approach has also become a critical determining factor of success in the real estate industry. From managing clients and keeping track of leads to researching property and coming up with marketing campaigns, big data is a key part helping you close deals and boost profits.

Needless to say, if you’ve not started focusing more on data in the workplace, then now’s the time to start. Here are some ways that leveraging your brokerage data can help your team get the most out of their performance. Continue reading

3 Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Find Work and Life Balance

Many people think that real estate is a flexible career that enables agents and brokers to make their own schedules and work at times that best suit them. As lovely as that sounds, people often forget that real estate professionals are essentially on call throughout the day, and how successful brokers often have to sacrifice valuable personal time in order to close those high dollar deals.

For most people, time management is a valuable skill to have. For the real estate broker, however, it’s an essential quality that separates good brokers from average ones. Generally speaking, there’ll always be a juggling component to the real estate industry, but there are steps that brokers can take to improve their work-life balance. Here’s how you can have for free time in your life: Continue reading

How Brokers Can Encourage Agent Tech Adoption

Technology has infiltrated every sector of business, making it virtually impossible to work effectively without making use of sort of high-tech program, be it an application on a smartphone or a cloud-based project management device in the office. “Technology disruption,” as it’s called, has changed the way that most real estate companies conduct business. Completing day-to-day tasks in the professional environment has become more convenient, while work itself has become much faster paced. Continue reading

5 Tips To Start A Real Estate Content Marketing Plan For Brokerages and Agents — And Why It’s Essential

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place for your real estate business? If not, it’s time to seriously consider working on it, as content marketing has become an excellent marketing channel for inbound leads (Inbound leads are prospects that find your website through web searches). Which means that if readers find something you’ve written that resonates with themselves, they’re more likely to engage with you because you’ve provided some real value to them with your content. So what type of content should real estate professionals be putting out to attract prospects to their site?

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Run Your Real Estate Team Business Like a Boss

Real estate teams are all the rave right now, and for good reason. There’s no need to take the risk of opening your own brokerage and paying big franchise fees to buy into a known brand, when you can start a team under the umbrella of an established brand/brokerage in your area and have the best of both worlds. But building a successful team requires you to be more than a savvy real estate agent. There is a lot more at stake than just closed deals: hiring the right agents, providing leads and training on how to convert those leads, getting your team to buy into your system, managing support staff and expenses, and handling any personnel issues. You’re running a business—not just acting as a real estate agent anymore—and if you forget that, you can watch it all go up in smoke.

Let’s take a look at the key areas of running a team where you’ll need to become an expert:

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