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4 Ways Agents Can Track Reporting Analytics

They say knowledge is power and for this reason, real estate agents must have data to back up their decisions. It’s important that agents have the knowledge they need in order to ensure they are making the right decisions for their business. Agents can use reporting analytics to help make better decisions and with BrokerSumo’s back-end support and analytics, agents can see what is affecting the success of their business and better yet, how to improve it.

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Introducing Real Estate Dashboards and Custom Reports

We’re excited to announce the release of an integration with Zoho Reports giving BrokerSumo users deeper analytics, dashboards and the ability to build your own custom reports.

Zoho Reports is a report is a business intelligence and analytics solution that allows you to create insightful reports and dashboards. It assists you to visually analyze your business data, and to make informed decisions.


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3 Reasons Reporting Analytics Are Imperative for Brokerages

Real estate is a numbers game and because of this, it is imperative for brokerages to have the data they need to determine where their brokerage is succeeding and in what areas they can improve. BrokerSumo offers back-end support and analytics at a brokerage level, so that firms can see firsthand what is affecting their bottom line.

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4 Reasons Reporting Analytics Can Help an Agent Grow Their Business

Measuring your performance using real data from your sales can be a game changer for improving your real estate business as an agent. BrokerSumo can offer you an inside look at how you are performing and what your sales pipeline looks like so that you can become a more successful real estate agent. Here are four reasons reporting analytics can help an agent grow their business. Continue reading

Our New Real Estate Agent Accounting Product is Now Live

We’re excited to announce the release of our new real estate agent accounting product. Designed with the agent in mind, BrokerSumo Agent gives real estate agents everything they need to manage their back office business. It’s like Quickbooks but for real estate agents.

Features include:

  • Sync your bank and credit card account data and categorize and tag your income and expenses.
  • Add your real estate transactions to manage your pipeline.
  • Pay your vendors using ACH electronic transfers.
  • Generate end-of-year 1099s for your vendors.
  • Generate profit and loss reports for your accountant and real estate transaction specific profit and loss reports to see how much you spent and made on each transaction.
  • Generate lead conversion reports to analyze your cost per deal and which lead source provides you the best return on investment.
  • Generate Transaction Detail reports to see your closed and pending pipeline.

BrokerSumo Agent empowers agents to run more efficient real estate businesses. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to manage your day to day operations.

Try BrokerSumo Agent free for 14 days. Click here to sign up.


How to Wow Your Real Estate Broker

Don’t worry, this not yet another post telling you how to spin things to impress someone, how to modulate your voice, or how to dress. Quite the contrary actually: This is about taking the spin out of your communication in order to actually be helpful and demonstrate how you add value to whomever you’re managing up to.

“Don’t tell me how the clock is made, I want to know what time it is!” is an oft used refrain to explain the frequent disconnect between boss and employee.

How many times have you spent hours updating the office’s sales performance reports only to arrive at the team meeting and 3 other people have their own version, none of which are the same? Here are some helpful hints to prepare you for your next meeting.

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