The real estate profession is unique when it comes to joining a new brokerage or firm. Unlike with traditional job onboarding, there is a combination of requirements to be successful as an agent. New agents need a thorough and effective onboarding process. Many new real estate agents drop out of the industry simply because they didn’t receive proper training when they started out.

Here are a few tips for how to improve the onboarding process for new agents.

Tailor Onboarding to Each Specific New Agent

Every new agent you hire will have a unique set of skills and learning processes. The same onboarding method may not work for each individual agent your hire. While you are reviewing applications and interviewing candidates, ask them about what they look for in training and what ways they think the firm could help them transition into this role. Some real estate agents prefer more interactive ways of training, some prefer to be more hands on and some may just want material to study. Try to tailor the onboarding process to each unique individual’s needs.

Make it Interactive

Onboarding new agents can also be much more effective when it is interactive and involves some of the other team members and agents in the office. Allowing the new agent to get to know other agents will boost the morale and expose the new agent to the company culture. Hands on learning typically sticks better than presentations and PowerPoints.

Take Advantage of Big Data

Big data is another useful tool for onboarding real estate agents. Metrics can help you track progress and determine where the firm can improve. This will help contribute to a more effective and efficient onboarding process. For example, one of the new agents may be strong in generating leads which may force you to make an adjustment to focus on other aspects of the onboarding, since the agent is well-versed in lead generation.

The more personalized you can make the onboarding process, the more connected your new agent will feel and it will help them kick-start their career in real estate without having to go through the parts of the onboarding that don’t apply to them.

How BrokerSumo Can Improve Your Onboarding Process for New Agents

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