How does a brokerage handle the after-closing process and make it as streamlined as possible? With so many back office tasks that need to be performed after a sale closes, it can take valuable work hours to complete and get brokers paid. BrokerSumo is one way to handle all of the back end processes that must be done when agents close a deal.

BrokerSumo is a true all in one system that picks up where your transaction management leaves off and makes the closing process simpler, more efficient and less stressful. Brokers should be focusing on closing more deals, faster – not handling monotonous back office tasks.

An All-in-One System Saves Time & Money

Having a system that takes care of all of the back office work when a deal closes is a huge weight off your shoulders. Imagine not having to worry about splitting commissions between agents, not having to determine the commission amount and having the system use direct deposit to pay brokers rather than cutting paper checks. BrokerSumo makes the closing process less stressful and more accurate, saving you time and money to focus on the core business tasks that will increase sales.

Stay Up to Date

BrokerSumo allows you to add all of the transaction data to create commission disbursements, pay agents their commissions and track agent and office sales performance. After each deal is closed, the system will automatically update.

Learn how it works

Cruise Through Commission Tasks

You can also create custom commission plans and assign them to each agent. BrokerSumo will automatically calculate the agent’s commission once the transaction has closed. BrokerSumo also offers the opportunity to create dynamic commission disbursements and will automatically calculate your agent’s commission split and tracks all credits and debits after the transaction has completed.
Streamline the Process

Systems like BrokerSumo can help streamline the closing process and get agents paid on their commissions quickly and accurately with these features. They can receive direct deposits, allowing the brokerage to go paperless and to speed up the closing process. With an faster closing process, brokers have more opportunity to attract new clients and work on more deals at once.

Take Advantage of the Benefits BrokerSumo Offers

Think of it this way – by utilizing BrokerSumo in your real estate business, you are ensuring higher accuracy, faster closings and less time spent performing back office tasks that don’t directly affect your bottom line. With having a comprehensive system performing these back office tasks, you free up time to close more sales and to increase your client base. Your brokers will also be happy to know that they are being paid their commission in a timely manner and that they are receiving it via direct deposit.
Sign up today to start your free 14-day trial. BrokerSumo was designed for real estate brokerages that need an easier way to manage their office and their financials. BrokerSumo offers features that will help you build your relationship with your clients – make sure to check out all of the features the system can offer your brokerage.