It seems as though every day there is a new way to communicate, whether it be a new social media platform or a new app that connects people. Brokerages are picking up these new technologies to help them crush client communication and help improve the relationships they have with their clients. It’s important in an industry that is built on relationships, to make sure that brokerages stay connected and in sync with both prospects and clients.

Here are five technologies that help make that happen.

Online Chat

Apps like Slack allow for easy communication, instantly. Brokers can chat with clients, prospects and other brokers through the app and can get real-time responses. It’s simple, easy, free and helps bridge the connection between even the busiest of people. You can allow for Slack to give you desktop notifications, making it even easier to stay on top of all of your communications.


Texting is now the number one form of communication, thanks in most part to millennials. Brokers can now shoot a text to a client or prospect that outlines details for meetings, showings, or potential properties they may be interested in. Brokers can send a quick text and have the text on hand for when a client or prospect has the time to respond.

Email Campaigns

Email is one of the most successful forms of digital marketing, and brokerages are utilizing this form of communication in huge ways. Many brokerages implement things such as Morning Newsbriefs, which are sent both internally and to potential clients and prospects. They can also create easy newsletters to share new information on the market, trends and available homes they may be interested in. Email is a personal, yet professional way to stay in contact with clients that allows them to respond on their own time.


Many brokerages are utilizing blogs to help communicate with clients and prospects. By posting insightful and information-filled posts and receiving comments, brokerages can increase communication and land more leads by interacting on their blogs. While this requires some thought and planning, a blog is a great way to strengthen the connection you have with both clients and prospects because it’s a true conversation starter.

Social Media

Some of the top brokerages in the nation are on social media and interacting with other brokerages, clients and prospects on a daily basis. Many people now scour Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to find out information they need rather than searching on Google. You never know who’s attention you may grab by being active on social media and having a strong digital presence. One post a day is a great starting point if you are just starting out on social media.

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