Introducing our latest commission plan feature, caps on fees. If you charge fees per transaction but you have a cap on those fees, you can now create commission plans that automatically calculate when the cap is met.

For example:

You charge a fee of $100 per transaction but only until the agent has paid $1000 in fees during a set period. For the first 10 transactions the $100 fee will automatically appear on the commission disbursement, but once they’ve paid in $1,000, the next transaction will not apply the fee. When the commission plan resets, based on the criteria you select (agent’s start date, calendar year, custom date) the fee will start again and cap will need to be met again.

To add this feature to a new commission plan, you’ll see a question, Cap on Fees?, select Yes and then you can add the cap amount.

This feature can only be applied to new commission plans, so if you want to move existing agents into this type of plan, you’ll need to create the new plan, and then assign the commission plan to that agent.

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