For many real estate agents, marketing is one of the toughest aspects of the job. It doesn’t only require a considerable amount of time and consideration to be successful – it also requires a significant amount of market research and a good understanding of trends in the industry.

One of the biggest struggles that solo agents face is being able to find the time to put together a strong marketing campaign while also tending to their other obligations.

For this reason, many turn to brokerages for guidance with piecing together a strong marketing strategy. Here are some of the groundbreaking marketing tricks that solo agents can learn from brokerages:

1. Get personalized websites – Maintaining a strong digital presence is essential in determining whether a marketing campaign will succeed or flop. While most agents may already have a digital presence of themselves online, many neglect their properties. Creating specific websites with unique addresses for each individual property is a great marketing tool. The idea is to make the property as easy to look up as possible, so try using the property’s physical address or something catchy in the domain name that’s hard to forget.

2. Make use of professional rendering – Yes, photographs are excellent when done by a professional, but sketching has its own value as well. For example, if you’re in the process of marketing a home before construction or renovation is completed, you’ll want to the finished product sketched by a professional. This will let you market the property in all of its glory, with landscaped lawns and white fences, before you’ve had time to worry about fixing up the curb appeal.

3. Use social to build up a brand image – Social media marketing is nothing new, but the focus should be less about advertising and more about building a brand image. Instead of just promoting the properties you have for sale, take a page out of the inbound marketing book and provide meaningful content that keeps them coming back for more.

That means sharing useful information, valuable experiences, and things that people who’re interested in owning homes would like to know – things like how to maintain the garden or how to perform routine maintenance around the house. The goal is to establish yourself as the authority on all things related to houses, and that will have an incredible impact on your marketing campaign overall.

4. Create an email campaign – Email campaigns are one of the best tools for any marketer, and they work perfectly with your presence on social media. Unfortunately, this marketing tool is often overlooked by solo agents. However, programs like MailChimp are a great way to keep your network in the look. You can send email campaigns that cover properties for sale, or you can share valuable information to help build your brand image. Either way, it’s all great for your marketing image.

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