Real estate is a challenging and demanding field that requires efficiency, organizational skills, and the ability to connect with people on a personal level. Due to the competitive and challenging nature of the field, real estate brokers are expected be at peak performance at all times to ensure that every meeting and transactions run as smoothly as possible.

Creating this type of work ethic starts at the top. Managers and team leaders are expected to lead by example and let their actions demonstrate how the office should be run. Here are 5 management tips that will help you build a top-performing team.

5 Ways to Drive Efficiency and Engagement in Your Real Estate Brokerage

1. Encourage tech adoption

The days of papers and filing cabinets are over. Everything is done in the cloud now, and there are a number of different organizational, marketing, financial, and client-management platforms out there that make it much easier for everyone to do their job. If your colleagues haven’t familiarized themselves with the new technology, they aren’t working at their most efficient.

2. Skill-building exercises

Working as a team isn’t just about completing assignments together, it’s also about improving together. The best way to do that is to hold regular workshops and activities cover important topics, like how to integrate the latest technology into the office, how to manage leads more effectively, or how to boost sales and improve marketing campaigns.

3. Delegate the tasks that aren’t major

There is no such thing as minor tasks in real estate, but there are some jobs that are more important than others. As a team leader, juggling too many assignments at once is a recipe for disaster. Devote your time to the big tasks and delegate the smaller assignments to your team members. This will boost efficiency and improve trust levels in the office.

4. Set goals and expectations

Set weekly or monthly goals as a team and stick to it, especially in areas where your team is falling behind. If your goal is to boost productivity and efficiency, set up timeframes in which team members are expected to respond or follow up with leads. Just make sure to be realistic with your expectations.

5. Be consistent

There’s nothing worse than having a fickle or unpredictable manager in the office. Don’t be the type of leader who sets expectations one day and changes them the next. Be clear about what you expect from your team members and stick to it. More importantly, you’re also expected to operate within the confines of your rules and expectations as well. As long as you do this, your team will respect you and will be more willing to worker harder.

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