Technology has infiltrated every sector of business, making it virtually impossible to work effectively without making use of sort of high-tech program, be it an application on a smartphone or a cloud-based project management device in the office. “Technology disruption,” as it’s called, has changed the way that most real estate companies conduct business. Completing day-to-day tasks in the professional environment has become more convenient, while work itself has become much faster paced.

The prevalence of Wi-Fi, high-speed cellular internet services, and cloud technology means that brokers and clients don’t have to schedule office meetings to exchange important documents, they can do it from anywhere in the field.

While advancements in technology in the real estate industry have been revolutionary, their benefits are only fully experienced when all team members are on board; and unfortunately, the Baby Boomer generation isn’t as tech savvy as millennials. The good news is that you can help them embrace tech in the workplace without feeling lost or overwhelmed, and here’s how:

1. Explain the importance of data

One of the biggest benefits of modern real estate technology is that it gives us access to important data that can influence how we interact with clients or develop marketing strategies. Brokers now have access to a number of apps that provide in-depth detail regarding financial projections, risks, property values, and even demographics, and all of this data is valuable when trying to close a high-end deal.

2. Stress the convenience that tech creates

Another reason that tech has become so popular is because of how it helps brokers perform their daily functions easier and more effectively. From automating menial tasks to storing all important documents and reminders is a central easy-to-access location on a cloud platform, technology enables brokers to always be prepared for the unexpected.

3. Provide assistance

Some people are hesitant to drive head-first into workplace technology because they feel uncomfortable with change, while others may resist the change because they don’t feel confident in their computer skills. Whatever the case, steps need to be taken to gradually introduce technology in a way that makes people feel comfortable. Seminars, training programs, and 24/7 online support features are all popular ways to get your team members on board with new apps and software platforms.

4. Give an incentive to switch

Brokers with years of experience in the field have their own way of doing things that have worked for years, so it’s no surprise that they may be hesitant to learning how to incorporate technology into their activities. Before you can encourage tech adoption, you need to make your colleagues want to take the time to learn how to use these platforms in the professional world. To do that, explain the direct benefits of using technology in the field. Talk about how technology saves time, relieves stress, and can even help brokers increase their revenue.

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