You can now track leads for your transactions and also adjust an agent’s commission plan while adding or editing a transaction.

We heard from quite a few of you that you base the agent’s commission on the lead type and wanted an easy way to change it when working in a transaction. If your agent is on a flat fee plan, when you add a new transaction, or edit that transaction, you’ll see a Commission Plan field which will show the agent’s current commission plan and a list of all other flat fee plans along with the commission rate.

If you want to use a different plan on this transaction just select the plan you want and the agent’s commission will be calculated based on that plans commission rate. This will only adjust the agent’s commission for this deal. In addition, this will only work for new transactions, it won’t work on your old transactions.

You can now also add a lead source as well to a transaction and run a lead conversion report to see how many leads and how much income was generated from each lead source.

To add lead sources, go to Settings > Tags. Add a new tag and then check the box next to it to make it a lead source.

Once you’ve added some tags and made them lead sources they will show in your transactions and also on your lead conversion report which can be found in the Reports section.

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