In honor of America’s birthday, we’re giving out some gifts in the form of new product features! We hope you enjoy them.

Transaction Detail Report – This report will show you a list of all your transactions, their completion status, and the agent and broker net commissions. If you’ve run a disbursement for that transaction already then the commissions will be pulled directly from your disbursement. If you haven’t run a disbursement, the commissions will be shown as an estimate based on the agents commission plan and the gross commission for the transaction. You can also filter this report by agent to get a view of each agents transaction and commission volume. This report is also available in the agent portal for your agents to view. The agents will only see their specific transactions.


Transactions and commission disbursements are now viewable in the agent portal. Your agent will have access to see their transactions and the commission disbursement, if it’s been created already.

Documents that you’ve added to your onboarding template can now be viewed and deleted. To view a document just click the document name. To delete a document, just click the X to the right of the document. If you delete a document it won’t affect any onboarding packages you’ve already sent out.

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