Over the last few years I’ve spoken to hundreds of real estate agents and brokers regarding the types of real estate and broker software they need to help run their businesses. I’d often hear, “I want an all-in-one solution!” Yes, it’s great to have a complete solution if you have the bandwidth to use it effectively–otherwise, it’s a waste of money. After some digging, the conclusion was always that they really only needed a few features from the all-in-one product they referenced. What I eventually found out was that brokers and team owners struggled to find a simple and affordable real estate specific product to help perform their day-to-day tasks… because it doesn’t exist. I wanted to solve this problem for brokers, so I set out to build an efficient real estate back office software that would accomplish all of their goals.

Regardless of how each real estate brokerage is run, every broker is hiring/onboarding new agents, billing monthly desk fees, setting up commission plans, creating commission disbursements and paying agents—and doing most of these tasks on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they are using payroll, accounting or human resource software.  There are some real estate enterprise products out there but they’re expensive and time consuming to learn. And yes, there is plenty of real estate transaction management software, CRM, mobile apps, marketing systems, etc., on the market. But if you’re a small to mid -size brokerage or team, you don’t need most of the functionality offered from full scale real estate management software. You need to accomplish the tasks I mention above. And that’s what BrokerSumo does. It helps you handle all of those tasks, doesn’t try to be anything more than it is, and best of all it is easy and affordable.

If this sounds like something that might actually help you run your business more effectively then visit us at www.brokersumo.com. If you want more info or a personal demo, shoot me an email at support@brokersumo.com.

Jeremy Shoenig

CEO and Co-Founder